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CiSS Recent Success Projects:

2020,Saloum Dry Boarder

Engineering, Supply, Installation and Test and commission of State-of-the-art Security Systems complete including all related civil work, first , 2nd and 3rd fix to ensure maximum protection against smuggling and ease travelling and trading for passengers and traders (Siemon passive cables, Alcatel Switches, Alcatel PBX, Genetec PSIM, AXIS Cameras, Mercury Access Control, FAAC Barrier, BFT Bollards, Mitsubishi Video Wall, Commport Under Vehicle, Dell Servers & Workstations) .

2020, Ahmed Hamdy Tunnel

Engineering, Supply, Installation, Test and commission of State-of-the-art Security Systems complete 2nd and 3rd fix to ensure maximum protection against smuggling, terrorism and ease travelling .(Rapiscan X-Ray, Axis Cameras, Genetec VMS, Tolling System , Siemon Passive Cables , Alcatel Switches , Magnetic Toll Pro Barrier , Nedap RFID Tags ,ARH LPR Cameras Dell Workstations & Servers) .

2019, Axis Best Performing New Partner of the Year

Supply and install �Video Conference.

2019, Avaya Growth Partner of the Year:

With 3 decades of expertise and a commitment to bringing world-class ICT solutions to the Egyptian market, Communication Information Systems and Supplies (CISS-Egypt) is fully deserving of our 'Growth Partner of the Year - Egypt' award - Cairo_ICT2019.

2019,Ghana Military Hospitals

Supply and Install complete Network Solutions for Passive and Active infra-structure, including Surveillance CCTV and PABX.

2018,Egyptian Air Force (EAF)

Supply and Install �Video Conference �.

2018,Tora Prison & Tora Prism Extension

Supply and install complete CCTV system Securing walls and roads, gates and places to visit .

El Melez Air Port:

CiSS is awarded in 2016 to supply and Install complete Network Solutions for the AirPort Passive and Active infra-structure, including Surveillance, Access Control, Master Clock & Fire Alarm systems.

Renaissance Sharm El Sheikh Golden View Beach Resort:

In 2016 CiSS has been awarded Project. Renovation and upgrade existing Nortel system, 1200 line with hospitality features to the latest Avaya CM.

Orange Contact Center System:

In 2015 CiSS has been awarded a support contract for with more than 2000 agents to support their customers CiSS is also supporting a large number of Orange PABXs in different countries with resident engineers remotely

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CiSS is a leading provider of communication network solutions, products and services, .
CiSS offers a wide variety of solutions that serve diverse economic sectors.
Customer Satisfaction is the name of our game,
professionalism is our tool,
integrated solutions is what we offer.
we Offer :
1- Unified communications and collaboration solutions
2- Data Communications Solutions
3- Wireless Network Solutions
4- Fiber Optic Solutions
5- Cabling Solutions
6- Communication network accessories
7- Physical Security Solutions
8- Data Center Infrastructure Solutions

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